On Shore Services


The world’s most successful companies are ones that have learned to focus on what they do best. Outsourcing technical and support tasks to our qualified contactors is not just a way to cut down on costs—although that benefit alone is worth it! Utilizing our consultants allows your staff to concentrate on doing their jobs 100% of the time. It also provides a cost-effective and scalable way to grow your company, no matter what its needs.

How it works   

Our Onshore services are ideal for companies that want the skills of highly trained technical and support contractors within their own time zone, but without the need to locate, contract, accommodate and train new employees onsite. Of course it’s still seamless to interact and administer your projects with our integrated management tools. All of our onshore working consultants are based in the US and are available to you during your normal business hours. Depending on your needs, consultants can travel to your office when necessary for relevant meetings, support, or to train your staff.

International Software Services provides IT consulting services in areas such as:

  • Custom software programming
  • Client server application development
  • Distributed application development in J2EE / .NET framework
  • Enterprise application development
  • Software re-engineering, migration and maintenance

Our team is your team

Rest assured that our vast network means we have qualified consultants for all types of projects. Our software development staff is experienced in all major platforms, Internet technologies, and database applications. They have at least four years of experience in their field and have worked on projects that are local and international in scope.

Your company is ready to grow. International Software Services can help.

Want to learn more? Contact us

Phone: (630) 435-6510. Or send us an e-mail at sales@issinc.net