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User & Technical Support Services

Companies do not live by software alone. Behind each mission-critical application and every interaction with your customers, your company needs qualified, dynamic, and professional support services. Let International Software Services step up to meet your user, technical, and operations needs alongside you.

The Help Desk is Open

When the phone starts ringing, who will answer it? Behind every flashing computer screen stands a real-life human being. Our support specialists can deliver dependable and timely resolutions to all your users’ questions and concerns—both onsite or offsite. Whether your users have “how to” questions, customization needs, change requests, or want information about more services, our help desk is always open. We capture and track all inquiries so that you can reduce direct support costs, minimize loss of user productivity, and turn your support service into a competitive asset. Our deep knowledge allows us to pinpoint and resolve any problem—even within highly integrated enterprise applications.

Tech Support Done Right

Is your IT staff overworked or busy with other critical company issues? Has technical support become another “to each his own” enterprise? Let our experts help. We handle everything—enhancing or applying patches to mission-critical applications, deploying software releases, root-cause analysis, and more. Our skilled professionals and tools enable you to rapidly and cost-effectively extend and maintain your applications environment to evolving business requirements.

Help has arrived

ISS’s application management offerings provide the service levels and measurable results needed to achieve the most value from your enterprise and e-commerce applications. Count on us—your staff and your customers soon will.

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